About Me

   As a person I consider myself a very open-minded and curious person for the most part and absolutely love learning about new ideas and concepts. I enjoy a range of activities such as archery, swimming, biking, and even a good game of chess from time to time. My favorite sport is volleyball and I even play on my school’s team, but I also enjoy playing baseball and basketball. Although I’m pretty terrible at volleyball, I always have fun playing a game or even passing a ball back and forth. My current career interest is in electrical engineering with a focus on robotics and mechanics in aerospace. My dream is to someday work for NASA or DARPA. I am currently learning about various programming languages and exploring the various applications of robots in the modern world through an after school program. My favorite hobby happens to be programming and CAD (computer-aided design) projects including messing around with Arduino processors (I absolutely love these things). Outside of this field my creativity drops to next to nothing, as you can tell from my title, and I have a bad habit of spacing off into oblivion.

                Which brings me to my next topic, I absolutely love mathematics and science, I am certain I will stick with a career in either of these fields as they deeply interest me. Unfortunately, I have a very hard time grasping other subjects, especially English. I like to learn things quickly because I believe if I don’t understand it the first time; the topic will be forgotten after a while. I absolutely hate learning at a slowed pace and I hate learning things through the copy and paste method. What I do enjoy is to work in groups, present ideas to classes, and even have a very friendly environment where all ideas are welcome and the class can have a nice discussion about the topic. Not to be confused with a loud and obnoxious classroom; most of the time I enjoy a quiet environment over a loud one but I find loud ones to be beneficial here and there. 

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