Monday, September 16, 2013

SP#2: Unit E Concept 7: Graphing Polynomials, Identifying All Parts

     This problem is graphing a polynomial function when given a set of zeros. In this case, the zeros given were -1,-1, 1, and 3. From there, the polynomial function had to be found and then the end behavior and y-intercept. Finally, with the help of a graphing calculator, an accurate graph can be drawn using the information we solved for. The amount of steps in this problem is 5.
      There are several things to pay attention to when following this program. Each step has a colored dot that corresponds to a list at the bottom of the image with brief explanations on each step. The amount of zeros automatically tells us which degree this polynomial will be in (the 4th). Another thing to look out for is to pay attention to the zeros first because that is what we are technically starting with. 

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