Saturday, September 28, 2013

SV #1: Unit F Concept 10: 4th and 5th Degree Polynomials

Hello this Omar T. from period 5.
          This video will be going over a 4th degree polynomial problem by finding the zeros. Each step is essential to finding the zeros of the problem. The instructions also call for any additional values you may find during the problem.
          Watch for the cues during the video that will help you solve the problem. These cues will point out any important details or steps in order to work out that specific step of the problem. Also note that the various steps taken provide necessary answers that may be asked for in other questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a mistake on the last step. The complete factorization with the radicals should have a 10x because you multiply the x by what you are dividing it by. It should look like this.

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